2.2.2 Regional Response Team

Regional Response Teams are responsible for regional planning and preparedness activities, as well as for coordination of assistance and advice to the OSC during site-specific incidents. The Co-Chairs of RRT5 are the Chief of the Emergency Response Branch, US EPA Region 5 and the Incident Management and Preparedness Advisor (IMPA), Ninth Coast Guard District. The RRT5 membership includes representatives from each State appointed by the Governor, and the designated regional representatives of the following Federal Agencies:

Federal RRT5 member agencies have duties established by Statute or Executive Order that may apply to Federal response actions following or in prevention of a discharge of oil or a release or threat of release of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. The RRT5 also functions as the Area Committee for Inland Region 5.

The principal components of the RRT5 are a standing RRT and incident-specific RRTs. The standing RRT consists of designated representatives from each participating Federal Agency listed above and each State. Each incident-specific RRT is formed from the standing team when the RRT is activated for a response, and consists of representatives of appropriate local governments, State agencies, and Federal Agencies.

Each member agency should designate one member and at least one alternate member to the standing RRT. Agencies whose regional subdivisions do not correspond to the standard Federal Regions may designate additional representatives to the standing RRT to ensure appropriate coverage of the standard Federal Region. Federally recognized Native American Tribal governments may arrange for representation on the RRT. Other interested parties may attend and observe RRT meetings. The usual process by which the RRT reaches its decisions is by consensus. However, in instances where a decision is reached by means of a vote, the voting capacity of each Federal member agency and other RRT member organizations is limited to one vote per member agency or organization.

The first Federal official affiliated with an RRT agency to arrive at the scene of a discharge or release, provided they have the proper training, should coordinate activities under the NCP, this RCP/ACP , and agency guidance until the predesignated OSC is available. That Federal official should consult directly with the predesignated OSC regarding any necessary initial actions. Fund-financed operations must be authorized by the OSC prior to implementation.