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Field Guide To Tank Cars

Provides information on the types, safety systems, stenciling, and markings of tank cars used in transport regulated and nonregulated goods

U.S. Rail Transportation of Crude Oil: Background and Issues for Congress

Discusses issues relative to train transportation of crude oil.

Positive Train Control (PTC): Overview and Policy Issues

Examines the issues regarding the positive train control (PTC) device.

Oil and Chemical Spills: Federal Emergency Response Framework

Describes the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) and how it works.

Oil Spill Legislation in the 112th Congress

Compilation of legislation related to spills, including prevention, preparedness, response, liability, and compensation.

Crude Oil Properties Relevant to Rail Transport Safety: In Brief

This website focuses on Bakken crude oil and describes properties for classification and transportation.

Literature Survey of Crude Oil Properties Relevant to Handling and Fire Safety in Transport

This website surveys sources of information on crude oil properties and combustion events of rail transport spills.

Report of the Auditor General of Canada: Oversight of Rail Safety - Transport Canada

Presents the conclusions concerning management of rail safety risks by federal railways.

Transportation of Dangerous Products

Investigates Transport Canada and the National Energy Board's risk-based approach regarding transportation of dangerous goods.

GPAC Testing and Classification Working Group Submission and Recommendations: Strengthening the Testing and Classification Framework for Crude Oil by Rail

This web page presents analysis concerning the testing and classification of crude oil for transportation.

Moving Energy Safely - A Study of the Safe Transport of Hydrocarbons by Pipelines, Tankers and Railcars in Canada

Discusses safe transportation of bulk hydrocarbons by transmission pipelines, tankers and railcars in Canada.

Transporting Crude Oil in New York State: A Review of Incident Prevention and Response Capacity

Examines the federal and New York legislative framework and roles in prevention and response of oil spills.

Oil by Rail Safety in California

This policy document examinines issues surrounding oil transportation by rail and gives recommendations.

Washington State 2014 Marine and Rail Oil Transportation Study

Analysis of the risks associated with the transport of oil in Washington.

Rail Safety - Improved Human Capital Planning Could Address Emerging Safety Oversight Challenges

Critiques human resources aspects of rail transportation for the Federal Railroad Administration.