General Overview



Pool 9 of the Upper Mississippi River (UMR) is the area between Lock and Dam 8 (river mile 679), at Genoa, Wisconsin, and Lock and Dam 9 (river mile 648), near Lynxville, Wisconsin. Pool 9 includes portions of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, Blackhawk Park and the Rush Creek State Natural Area (Wisconsin). Populated areas along the river include the towns of Lansing Iowa and De Soto, Wisconsin.

Primary Response Goals:

1. In general, any spilled oil product should be excluded from backwaters and kept in the main channel of the Mississippi River. Then, if possible, the oil should be diverted with boom and collected on the main shore. 

2. Few natural collection sites can be found below Lansing, responders may need to employ on-water collection strategies when possible. Incident command should prioritize identifying potential collection sites early in the response

3. The main channel below the Lansing Power Plant is designated as critical mussel habitat by FWS. Consult with resource managers to keep spilled product or response actions from affecting the substrate in this area

4. Keeping product out of the refuge’s closed areas is a top priority in any spilled event. Due to seasonal high waterfowl use, deflection and exclusion booming of multiple openings and channels should be prioritized as a response tactic

To further explain the techniques used above, refer to the image labeled 673b – New Albin Access. The strategy for this location is to cascade a boom across the Minnesota slough to contain the spill between the upper and lower ramp of the collection area. To remove the spilled product vacuum trucks and skimmers will be needed.


If a spill occurs, it is essential to notify federal, state, and local authorities within 24-hours of the spill. To inform federal authorities, call the National Response Center (NRC) at (800) 424-8802. To contact state authorities in Wisconsin, please call (800) 943-0003. To reach state authorities in Iowa, please call (515) 725-8694. To contact local authorities, please call 911. For more detailed information, refer to the Upper Mississippi River Spill Response Plan.

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